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Carolyn J

Phoenix, Maryland
“Kerry Is truly an amazing designer. She came to my home and went through each room from top to bottom. She moved various items around my Home and I was astounded at the difference it made when items were properly placed and hung and arranged. She was extraordinarily respectful of my budget, searching for the best prices on the items we discussed purchasing. Even after the house was complete, she continued to touch base when she saw things that she knew might work well. She cultivates a relationship with her clients that clearly extends beyond performing a job.”

Amanda P

Cockeysville, Maryland
“I have never worked with an interior designer before but Kerry met and exceeded all of our expectations. My husband and I needed an outside opinion to really motivate us out of our impasse and to finally do something with some of our rooms that were just not pleasing to be in or functional. She made some very excellent recommendations for rearranging rooms, how to better organize and store, reduce clutter, and better colors for the spaces we have. We look forward to shopping with her for the pieces that will tie our space together and look more “grown up”.”

Joann N

Rockville, Maryland
“Kerry initially spent close to 45 minutes with me on the phone, free of charge, and listened carefully to my needs and constraints. When we hired her to come to the house for an initial consult, she toured our main floor to get an idea of our style and preferred color palette. She then rearranged our living room in a way we agreed with and built upon. She gave us some great ideas to improve the entrance way and to make the whole first floor brighter and more cohesive. Definitely recommend.”

Cheryl C

Ellicott City, Maryland
“Are you paralyzed when it comes to decorating your home because you don’t know what you’re doing, but you’re too embarrassed to have a professional come over and see what your house currently looks like? Then Kerry is the designer for you. She is a true professional who focuses on potential when she walks into a room. She rearranged our furniture in a way that changed the entire room and maximized the space — including moving a piano that’s been in the same spot for 20 years — and helped us prioritize a number of projects that we knew we needed, but we had no idea where to begin. Kerry spent two hours in our 1990s time capsule of a house and helped me fall in love with this place all over again. No judgement, no ego, just pure creativity and kindness. Her expertise is worth every penny.”

Natalie I

Ellicott City, Maryland
“My husband and I have been working with Kerry for about a year now and could not be happier! We have essentially redesigned all of the main spaces in our house, including upgrading our kitchen (all new cabinetry + backsplash + minor arrangement tweaks). We have worked with Kerry to pick out new furniture, artwork, lighting, rugs, accent pieces, bedding, pillows, etc. Prior to working with Kerry, our house was sort of muddled together with items that my husband and I had collected along the way before building our life together. It was functional enough but did not feel super cozy or like a “home”. And it didn’t feel like “us”. Now our home feels like a home, it is incredibly cozy and it matches our personalities. We truly look forward to walking in the house whether being away for a few hours or several days. Kerry listens to what you are looking for aesthetically and what I really appreciated is that she listened to the fact that I wanted our home to also mirror our beautiful natural surroundings. She also listens to price point and will recommend areas where savings can be achieved and also, importantly, where costs should not be cut to ensure long term use / value. We just kicked off a bathroom redesign with her and we look forward to continuing to move through our remaining spaces to bring it all together. Highly, highly recommend!”