Our design approach is simple and straightforward. We recognize that an invitation to consult on the design of your home welcomes us into a most private space. We appreciate your trust in us as we join in this collaborative design process. We pay no attention to piles of laundry or leftover crumbs. We are on a mission to discover your style and to realize the true potential of your home. Our greatest intention is to maximize your use and enjoyment of your living space.

We often begin by noting the floor plan, the layout, walkways, windows and entries. We assess the space, minds spinning with various new configurations and ideal designs – while understanding that we are often not starting with a blank canvas. You have collected items of interest and appeal, mementos, heirlooms, artwork, hand-me-downs and favorite pieces. We observe and respect what is important to our clients. Honesty will lead us on our journey as we select which items to keep and which to replace or repurpose.

Our cues will come from you and your family. We will consider your lifestyle, entertaining needs, habits and daily use. We will hone in on a color palette and style that will flow throughout the home. We will incorporate function (and storage) into our design plan, while paying attention to lighting, and in particular, natural light so that the outside may also be a feature on the inside. This new space that we created together will still be “You”, though perhaps an updated and upgraded version of “You”.